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Air League Scholarships







Bethany, Julienne, Katrina and Connor who did an amazing job of representing the school at both the BA headquarters and St James' Palace when the were receiving their Air League Scholarships. Bethany was selected from all the Air League Scholars to receive her award directly from his Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh.

We also lucky enough to hear from Major Tim Peake direct from the international space station via Satellite phone.

At the end of the day our pupils had made such an impression that the Head Engineer for all of BA actually offered his business card to the young people and told them that if they wanted a job to just call!




In the summer term of 2014, The Air League (a trust that promotes opportunities in aviation) approached Lochgelly High School with the opportunity to give 20 of our senior phase pupils a day's free gliding experience at the Scottish Gliding Centre near Scotlandwell. This was done with a view to taking 10 of the 20 to British Airways Maintenance HQ in Glasgow for a day of group tests and a chance to look around some of the BA aircraft that fly out of Glasgow. To conclude the process, four of our pupils were selected to take part in a two week all expenses paid (including transports, food and flying) Gliding Scholarship at the Scottish Gliding Centre. 


After completing the two week course last summer, two of our Scholars were flown to London to meet Prince Philip at St James Palace and join in the annual Air League awards ceremony with Scholars from all over the UK. If you are 16 or over you can apply to take part in the same scheme this summer. Click on the link and submit your application online by Friday 22nd May. If you have any questions see Mr Burge in the PE Dept. GOOD LUCK!
For a glimpse of what awaits a successful gliding scholar--including the S2 pupils who recently had the opportunity to get a taste of gliding--see the videos below. 




S2 Air Cadet Evening at Burntisland


S2 Air Cadet Flight Simulation


Following on from a day's gliding experience at the Scottish Gliding Centre, ten S2 pupils were invited to attend an information evening at 775 Air Cadets Squadron at Burntisland to catch up with some of the cadets that had supported the flying day the week before. Pupils were shown various aspects of what air cadets experience on a regular basis, including having the chance to fly a simulated Cessna light aircraft, using various types of radios and see some of the electrical projects that the cadets are currently involved with. The pupils also got to watch the cadets in parade formation. The night was a huge success with all pupils enjoying the chance to see what young people their age can accomplish through the Air Cadet Scheme. 

This evening visit and the gliding day is another example of the huge benefits that Lochgelly High School pupils get from our partnership with the Air League and British Airways. On the 10th June 2015, up to 20 Senior Phase pupils will have the opportunity to have a day's gliding with the aim of being selected for one of the three Senior School Gliding Scholarship slots available this summer. If you are a Senior Phase pupil interested in applying, please submit your application online by Friday 22nd May. Application forms can be found online at:

As part of the gliding day, two of our S2 pupils had impressed the flying instructors so much that the Air League representative, Eric Ward, decided that it would be fitting to award them Gliding Scholarships, which will include a two-week, all fees paid gliding course during this summer. An unforeseen and exciting prospect for the two skilled potential pilots.

If you would like any further information on the Air Cadets or Gliding, see Mr Burge.

AIR League Gliding Scholarship Award

Air League Scholars Visit to St James Palace


Awaiting Flight to London


On the 5th May 2015 Lochgelly High School Senior Pupils made a journey that no other pupil had made before. 

The pupils took a day trip to London, flying courtesy of British Airways, to go to St James’ Palace to receive their Air League Gliding Scholarship Awards. As part of this whirlwind day, they would get the opportunity to meet and talk with HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, as the organisation’s Patron.


The day started early and in the rain, flying from Edinburgh Airport to London Heathrow. On arrival the pupils - accompanied by Mrs Penrose Campbell and Mr Burge - were whisked away to Waterside, the British Airways Headquarters, to meet scholars from the other three selected schools, all of which were from south of the border. After meeting various high levels managers within the BA organisation and taking a tour of their museum (including seeing and 'experiencing' business class), we were then driven to St James’ Palace for an afternoon of mingling amongst Lords, Ladies, Sirs, Dames and high ranking military officers before meeting Prince Philip. After enjoying the palace and all its extravagance, its canopies and pleasant conversation, it was back to Heathrow for our return British Airways flight back to Edinburgh. 


This one day jet-set adventure was the culminating point for our Gliding Scholars who were successful in securing a two-week, all expenses paid Gliding Scholarship though the British Airways PLC Gliding Scholarship Scheme.  British Airways runs the scheme in association with the Air League, an organisation whose aim is to raise the profile of the aviation industry and the fantastic range of careers within it.


We are now accepting applications for this year’s Scholarship programme for which 20 candidates will have the opportunity to have a day of Gliding for FREE at the Scottish Gliding Centre. The application form is on the school website and on the school twitter (@lochgellyHS).


If you would like any further information about the opportunity to do Gliding or the Scholarship scheme in general please see Mr Burge.