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Health and Well-Being

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The Faculty of Health and Wellbeing at LochgellyHigh School incorporates Home Economics (HE), Physical Education (PE) and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE).

Our Broad General Education in S1-S3 encompasses the Health and Wellbeing experiences and outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence and enables us to make contributions to developing pupils’ literacy, numeracy and skills for life, learning and work.

In S1, S2 and S3 our courses are designed to allow pupils to experience and embrace challenge, cooperation, competition, accomplishment, leadership, innovation and teamwork. Pupils learn skills such as analysing and evaluating and frequently give each other feedback on their learning and performance. Pupils are educated about Health and Safety in each department and through PSHE they learn about safety in a wider context e.g. cyber safety, personal hygiene and sexual health and relationship education.

A recent upgrade of our facilities in the PE department means that pupils can now access a dance studio, fully equipped, modern fitness suite, games hall, swimming pool, flexible learning space and spinning studio and two new 3G all weather pitches.

In Home Economics we have a classroom and three fully fitted kitchens, each with an electronic SMARTboard.

Across the Faculty we offer a range of certificated courses in the Senior Phase: Physical Education, Sports Leadership, Hospitality, Health and Food Technology and Care. These courses range from National 4 to Higher, ensuring pupils can access a broad curriculum at a level which is appropriately challenging to them. Our certificated courses require pupils to have a theoretical awareness of our subjects and a performance ability appropriate to their chosen level of study. It is key that pupils have a desire to maximise their potential and are prepared to demonstrate this through demanding practical and written assessments.

As well as our certificated programme, we also offer an enhanced curriculum in Wider Achievement providing pupils with accreditation through Basic Cooking Skills, Creative Cake Craft, Football Refereeing and Leadership in Sport. These courses are extremely popular and we pride ourselves in the number of pupils who choose to return to our Faculty to undertake each.

Out with curriculum time the Faculty offers a range of extra-curricular activities which contribute to an extremely successful whole-school extra-curricular programme. Our clubs run at lunchtime and after school and include Basketball, Girls Football, Dance, Fitness, Netball, Badminton, Kayaking, Rugby, Boys Football (Junior and Senior), Table Tennis and Chef Club.

Health and Wellbeing is a friendly, fun and inclusive Faculty which aims to develop pupils’ confidence and communication skills, providing them with an engaging experience which leaves a lasting impression and a legacy for all to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle.


Laura Devine – PTC Health and Well Being

Elizabeth Grindlay – Responsible for National Care  and Health Food Technology

Mhari Paton – Responsible for BGE Home Economics and National Hospitality and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Charlotte Sinclair – PT1 Skills for life, learning and work

Daniel Stevenson  - Teacher P.E.

Joyce Soutar – Responsible for Sport Leadership, Volunteering in Sport

Ryan Ritchie - Teacher P.E.

Natasha Melville - Teacher P.E.

Hayley Jackson - Teacher P.E.

Carrie-Ann Downs and David Lovelock – Scottish Rugby Community Coaches: Responsible for supporting the delivery of the School of Sport and School Rugby partnership programmes.

Moira Fitzpartick  - Active Schools Coordinator.

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